Ocean Beach Buyers Guide

Downtown Ocean Beach


The area spanning Narragansett is characterized most by one word- culture. A bundle of local shops portrays the lifestyle. Antique shops line the streets as well as cafes and surf-and-skate sellers. It is well known as a hippie-town, an area stuck in time and loved by the community and its visitors. Murals line the roads and the sides of the buildings, painted by the community together every year. Events are common and every month holds plenty of festive activities. Oktoberfest, Farmers Market, County Fairs, and concerts are common year-round.

Sunset Cliffs


Sunset Cliffs are the southernmost area of Ocean Beach is home to the famous tide pools of San Diego. All ages gather to spend time searching the diverse pools and playing with the crabs. As the name suggests, these beautiful cliffs are prime for watching the San Diego sunset. Sunset Cliffs Park encompasses 68 acres of bluffs and walking paths high above the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Sunset Cliffs is a rare stretch of Southern California Coast that has retained much of its natural beauty. With Ocean Beach just to the North, Sunset Cliffs make a wonderful weekend getaway for couples or families.

North Ocean Beach


North Ocean beach was once home to the first Amusement Park in San Diego called “Wonderland”. Now it is home to Robb Field and Mission Bay. Lots of Bungalows and condos are placed next to the San Diego River that are great starter homes with easy access to Mission Bay up north. Nearby is one of San Diego’s Dog Beaches, where dogs are welcomed to roam and play with other dogs or enjoy the beach along with humans. Great for dogs and dog owners alike!


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