Ocean Beach Community

Ocean Beach is one of San Diego’s most preserved beach towns its community and ethos make this small funky beach community truly unique. Located on the Pacific Ocean and wedged between Point Loma and Mission Beach this small little community has all the vibes of a 1970’s beach town.


The community’s history goes back to 1887. It was given its name by Billy Carlson and Frank Higgins, both well-known developers at the time. They developed O.B. into a great little community over time beach cottages, bungalows and small apartments made up most of the makeup of Ocean Beach. In modern-day Ocean Beach, you still find the same small beach cottages and bungalows that have been around since 1908.


What makes Ocean Beach so unique is that although it is on the prime oceanfront real estate the community has still kept its laid back vibe.

There are no big box stores, mostly mom and pop shops and a plethora of tie-dye clad beachgoers your more likely to see a co-op instead of a Ralph’s in this neighborhood. Ocean Beach has a variety of things to do. If you enjoy the beach, well it’s there, along with a special spot if you are a dog lover known as “dog beach” where you can take for 4 legged pooches off-leash to enjoy fun in the sun and splash in the waves. Also, the shops down Newport Ave are always fun to look in to see what unique local goods are in store. Additionally, every Wednesday there is a large farmers market that boasts all local and organic San Diego fare. Ocean Beach is also home to Hodad’s (one of the best burgers around in our opinion).


If you are looking for a laid back beach community then Ocean Beach is the place to be!


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