Liberty Station Community

For more than 75 years, hundreds of thousands of recruits were trained at Naval Training Center (NTC), San Diego and were proven worthy to serve their country in the United States Navy. It was here that these young men and women matured and stepped up to the challenges of military duty.


Now inactive and designated a historic property, NTC San Diego continues to hold the lessons of truth and goodness for past generations of Naval recruits. As such, NTC has once again become a focal point for a new generation of adventurers. Renovated and restored, a central portion of NTC San Diego has opened as the NTC Promenade, a center for civics, arts and culture, as well as a celebration of San Diego proud Naval heritage.


Today, the grounds that echo with naval lore now blossom with renewed vigor and vitality. A melting pot for historical exploration, cultural enrichment, and personal growth, Liberty Station is a vibrant gathering place for families, artisans, businesses and community cultural groups. Enjoy leisurely strolls on the 46 acre park, play a round of golf at the Point Loma Club Golf Course, cruise the brand new Liberty Public Market for everything you need to whip up a gourmet meal at home, catch dinner and a movie at The Lot, dine at The Stone Brewery, Soda & Swine, Slaters 50/50, Solare, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, Tender Greens, or Sushiya, or grab a coffee at Starbucks or Panera. Some of the other reasons that this development is unique are the schools, church, and great shopping that is also in the development.


The schools that are currently located in Liberty Station are Explorer Elementary, High Tech Middle Media Arts, High Tech High Media Arts, High Tech Middle, and High Tech High which are all well-known Charter Schools. The Rock Academy is also located in Liberty Station which is a Christian Private school which is K through 12th grade. The Rock Church is also located in Liberty Station which is a very large Christian church that houses the school and a large sanctuary that holds 3500 seats and has 5 service times on Sundays. The boat channel runs parallel to the park which makes a great launch for kayaks. A long waterfront pathway through the park is great for joggers, rollerblading or biking or just a place to enjoy a waterfront picnic. The 46-acre Waterfront Park is the second-largest waterfront park in San Diego.


As a homeowner here in Liberty Station my family and I feel a real sense of community that we have not experienced anywhere else. We enjoy walking or driving to our favorite places throughout the neighborhood. Since many people do walk to places through the development, we have found it a place more conducive to meeting our neighbors and build relationships with them. On our block, we have helped host a block party in our alley every year since they were built to stay connected to the neighbors that we don’t see on a regular basis. This has always been fun and all of our neighbors look forward to it every year. Most years other neighbors through the development have arranged a Fourth of July picnic in the Promenade and a Harvest Festival around October 31st. These events are always a great way to meet people who you have not met before in the neighborhood.


Liberty Station has many large open areas that are frequently used by many different organizations that host a variety of different venues including charity walks and runs, auditions of various shows, and many festivals of different kinds. These are usually held in Ingram Plaza which is the area that the large flag is located or in the park. There are 349 Residences in Liberty Station. There are Townhomes that range from approx 1098sq ft 1597sq ft, Beacon Point Homes which are Detached Row Homes that range from approx 1931sq ft 3189sq ft and Admiralty Row Detached Homes which range from approx 2297sq ft 2838sq ft. 


My belief is those that are fortunate enough to make Liberty Station their home, they will enjoy one of the most quintessential San Diego Lifestyles.


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The Liberty Station Community