Point Loma Community

It doesn’t get any better than living in Point Loma. Point Loma borders the San Diego Bay and extends to the “Point” which is where you will find the Cabrillo National Monument which houses two lighthouses. One is the Original Point Loma Lighthouse built in 1855 which is now a museum, and the new one that was built lower because the fog and low clouds obscured the light in the original lighthouse.


Point Loma geography is flat at the beach and then it gradually rises to 422 Ft high and then slowly descends into Ocean Beach. Since you have this gradual height many homes in Point Loma have views of the Bay with Downtown or Coronado Island or the Point and the Pacific beyond. There are many different areas in Point Loma consisting of Plumosa Park (also known as upper Loma Portal), Loma Portal, Liberty Station, Roseville, Fleetridge, Wooded Area, and La Playa.




Fleetridge and Roseville are hard areas to separate perfectly. Fleetridge is west of Catalina from the Wooded Area, then turns west onto Chatsworth, then stops at the border of Roseville around Wildwood, and finally cuts over at Clove St. That’s when things get tricky because it loops around approximately at Cannon and Albion directly above Roseville.


This neighborhood sits high on the hill area above Roseville and gets its name from its developer David Fleet who is the son of Rueben H. Fleet, founder of the San Diego Aerospace Museum, and the Rueben H. Fleet Space Theatre. Fleetridge is known for its large lot sizes and one-story homes.

During Christmas time, the blocks of Garrison closest to Chatsworth light up like a Christmas wonderland. Known as Candy Cane Lane, the residents put an absolutely massive effort into decorating their homes, and it is worth taking the slow drive through or parking and getting up close and personal with the displays and décor. This truly is a must-see at Christmas time in Point Loma.


La Playa


Spanish for “The Beach,” La Playa is located south of Talbot, east of Gage and Silvergate, north of Fort Rosecrans, and West of the San Diego Bay.

This bayfront neighborhood is the closest community to “The Point” of Point Loma and is usually regarded as the most desirable area in all of Point Loma. La Playa is home to Kellogg’s Beach, a small, mellow beach perfect for local families with small children since there are no real waves.


There are approximately 40-45 bayfront homes with 5 privately owned or privately shared boat docks. There are also a small number of bayfront condo complexes right near the beach. La Playa is home to the San Diego Yacht Club, and the Southwestern Yacht Club. La Playa is usually the highest sold price per square foot community compared to the other areas in Point Loma because of its luxurious estate homes, many with fantastic views of the bay, it’s bayfront properties, and it’s proximity to Kellogg’s Beach.


Liberty Station


Liberty Station is located between Lytton, Rosecrans, Laning, and the Boat Channel. There is also a small section known as the West Hotel Square across the Boat Channel right over the Harbor Island Bridge close to the San Diego Airport.


After serving for many years as our nation’s Naval Training Center (NTC), Liberty Station has been reimagined as an urban walking village that features 349 residences including homes and townhomes, as well as an Arts and Cultural District, a Retail District (with Trader Joes, Gourmet Von,s and several other retailers and restaurants), an Office District, The Rock Church, the High Tech Family of Schools, The Loma Club 9-Hole Public Golf Course, The Lot Movie Theatre, The Liberty Public Market, and a 46-acre Waterfront Park.


People come from all over San Diego to enjoy this neighborhood’s wonderful restaurants, boutique shopping, and many happenings such as Movies in the Park, Fantasy on Ice (a seasonal outdoor ice rink), The San Diego Beer and Music Festival, The Spring Fling, the monthly Artwalk… There really are too many to mention.

Some of the best places to eat in Liberty Station are The Stone Brewing Company, Fireside by the Patio, Officine Buona Forchetta, Slater’s 50/50, Fig Tree Café, Dirty Birds, and Breakfast Republic (if you stop by be sure to try their AMAZING pineapple pancakes).


Loma Portal


The northernmost neighborhood in Point Loma, this area features street lights located in the middle of certain residential street intersections. While Loma Portal is directly under the San Diego airport’s flight path, most residents are not bothered by the noise as they simply institute the “6 Second Point Loma Lull,” where conversations are paused for 6 seconds as a plane passes over, and then continue as if nothing happened. This area is highly sought after because it offers quick access into and out of Point Loma, as well as its close proximity to Liberty Station.


Plumosa Park


A Subsection of Upper Loma Portal, this tiny neighborhood features streets named after flowers: Plumosa, Poinsettia, Amaryllis, Hyacinth, Lotus, Jonquil, Azalea, Hyacinth, Oleander, and Wisteria. Plumosa Park gets its name from a 1.4 acre of grass that its residents can make use of. On Christmas Eve, many Plumosa Park residents put out luminaries for all to enjoy.




Roseville is located north of La Playa starting at Talbot, then follows the water and includes Shelter Island, then stretches to Nimitz and North Harbor, and finally out to Fleetridge on the northwest side.

Roseville was named after San Diego Pioneer Louis Rose and is the oldest settled part of Point Loma. Roseville also became home for many Portuguese fishing boat families that settled here well over 100 years ago. It has also been called “Tunaville” because it had such a big part of the tuna-fishing fleet.

Roseville is mostly residential except for The Village and the areas bordering America’s Cup Harbor which have many small retail shops and including Miguel’s Cocina, Brigantine, Harbor Town Pub, Old Venice, Pomodoro Ristorante Italiano, Point Loma Seafoods, The Wine Pub, and The Living Room which has the Best Mexican Mocha’s I have ever had.


Roseville also is home to Shelter Island which is not an island but is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land which features a long stretch of Shoreline Park with absolutely spectacular views of the San Diego Bay. There is also the Shelter Island Boat Dock, The Kona Kai Resort Spa and Marina, Humphreys Bay Club and Marina where they locals come for summer concerts, The Silver Gate Yacht Club, The Palms Hotel and Marina, and Bali Hai restaurant. This is a great area for guests to San Diego to stroll along The Bay and take in the sights.


Wooded Area


South of Sunset Cliffs, east of Point Loma Nazarene University, south of Roseville and Fleetridge, west of La Playa, and north of the Naval Base is the Wooded Area.

This charming area is named from its tall evergreen and eucalyptus trees but is also known for its lush vegetation and narrow streets, most of which have no sidewalks. The Wooded Area is a hilltop community that features larger lot sizes, and the homes on the west side of The Point boast breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.


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