The 6 Best Summer Camps in San Diego for a Memorable Summer Break

summer camps in san diego

The 6 Best Summer Camps in San Diego for a Memorable Summer Break


Wondering how to keep your kids active and engaged this summer?


At summer camp, your child has the opportunity to try a new hobby, learn new skills and make friends. Plus, summer camp has proven to be valuable in the long-term. In fact, 63% of campers continue to use the valuable lessons and skills they learn while at camp.


Summer camps in San Diego can range in genre based on what your child may be interested. You can find anything from creating robots to learning a new language.


Check out these 6 unique camps for your kids to get the most out of their summer vacation.


1. Critter Camp


Building your child’s relationship with animals at the San Diego Zoo camps can spark empathy and curiosity while helping them understand their connection to the wild.


Explore the wonderful world of animals through Summer Camp adventures at the San Diego Zoo. Building your child’s relationship with animals can spark empathy and curiosity while helping them understand their connection to the wild.


Zoo Camps include animal experiences, exclusive exhibit visits, bus tours, games, and crafts. There will also be valuable lessons on taking care of our planet and the wildlife that inhabits it.


The camps range in all ages, starting at Pre-K all the way up to grades 9-12. Make sure to also check out the San Deigo Zoo Safari Park camps!


2. Digital Gym


San Diego summer camps aren’t all about the outdoors. In fact, in this cinema-making camp, kids can create their own outdoors using a green room, cameras, and stop-action editing programs.


Thanks to the Media Arts Studio of San Diego, kids get real experience in the movie-making industry. And they get to show off their creation on the last day of camp.


Digital Gym summer camp is open to children ages 6-14. No experience is necessary!


3. Aerial Revolution


If your kid has ever seen a circus act, then they have gazed in wonder at the acrobatic skills.


Now is the opportunity for your kids to try it out for themselves!


Aerial Revolution is a company that teaches acrobatics class, much like a dance studio. Many of their youth course requires experience, however, their summer camps are open to all children ages 6 and up!


Aerial Revolution is a 1-week camp (M-F) that teaches trapeze, Lyra hoop, aerial silk, tumbling, flexibility, juggling and more. It also includes circus-themed crafts and movies.


4. Lil’ Fish


Does your child have a knack for doodling and making up stories? If so, this comic creation camp will inspire them to harness their creativity.


The main Comic Camp is available to kids from ages 7-11 and teens 12-17. Your child will explore the process of creating characters and comics, from initial idea to completion. They will be taught skills in penciling, inking and coloring their own comic page. At the end of one week, each child will have a comic story all their own!


For more experienced kids, check out the two intensive classes: Comic-Con Artist Intensive (ages 14+, portfolio and application are required) and Little Fish Comic Industry Intensive (ages 10+)

5. Junior Theatre


The San Diego Junior Theater teaches various age groups from Pre-K to 12th grade. Summer camps are split into four classes per day: acting, voice, dance, and a theatre specialty topic.


The little ones start with the basics of voice control, singing, dancing, and acting movements, while older kids learn improv and scripts from famous plays.


In addition to classes offering a wide spread of topics, there are also specialty camps to choose from. For example, “Camp of Rock” is a rock ‘n roll camp geared towards musicians and explores the School of Rock!


6. Design Code Build


Design Code Build is a two-week-long session that introduces students to cool and relevant technologies. This year, the camp focuses on augmented reality design. This gives campers the chance to develop a virtual game using 3D modeling and visual effects.


The age ranges from 10-17 and the pace of the lessons will be geared toward intermediate or advanced-level learners.


The Virtual Reality session includes 3D model-making and rendering as well as hands-on learning about gaming engines. In the Augmented Reality session, each student will receive a pair of Merge Goggles and a Merge Cube. Additionally, they will receive a copy of the application they helped to make in class for their smartphone included in the cost of the class!


The skills they learn in this class have applications in a wide range of fields such as game design, architectural modeling, and medical visualizations.


Explore All San Diego Has To Offer


San Diego isn’t all about the beach, it offers exciting activities and opportunities to learn new skills. Summer camps in San Diego push the boundaries of learning for children to get hands-on experience while discovering their niche.


Contact us today to keep on exploring this beautiful city with a new place to call home.