The Interesting History of Liberty Station In San Diego, CA

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Are you looking to visit San Diego soon?


While most people visit San Diego for the beaches and the surf, there is a gem that is lesser-known to tourists – Liberty Station.


Liberty Station is a mix-used development located in Point Loma, California. People come here to eat, drink, shop, browse the museums and just hang out.


But, how did Liberty Station in San Diego, CA become what it is today? How did it all begin?


Check out this guide to learn about the history of Liberty Station.


Naval Training Center


Liberty Station first opened its doors in 1923 as a navy training center.


In fact, when it first opened, it wasn’t known as Liberty Station. Rather, it was simply known as the Navy Training Center.


Under President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the NTC gained new buildings, and the space continued to expand throughout World War II. In fact, it tripled in size over the first several decades, and it served as a valuable military resource for our country.


In addition to being known as a navy training center, it was also known for its Spanish Colonial style architecture.


Transitioning to Liberty Station


At the end of the Cold War Era, the NTC gradually wound down its activity. In 1993, the Navy announced that it would be closing the training center, and it officially closed its doors in 1997 with a ceremony.


From 1993 to 1997, a commission was formed to decide what to do with the space. As we know, they decided to change it into a mix-used development location that would be completely open to the public.


When the city officially gained ownership of the property in 2000, it started gradually transitioning it into the Liberty Station that we know today.


Liberty Station in San Diego CA: What to Do


If you visit the space today, you’ll find a wide array of things to do.


For food, we suggest heading to Liberty’s Public Market where you can find an array of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.


If you’re looking for some unique gifts, this is a great place to shop, as Liberty Station is home to jewelry stores, plant shops, and tea shops.


Liberty Station is also home to a barre studio, a pilates studio, a dentist’s office, a hair salon, a nail salon, and a bike shop.


Liberty Station is also home to many fun events that the whole family can enjoy, such as tea parties, craft workshops, poetry nights, and live music.


Are You Ready to Explore Liberty Station?


As you can see, Liberty Station in San Diego, CA has a rich history and is definitely a place that’s worth exploring.


Many locals hang out here, so if you’re looking to escape the tourist scene, this is the place to go.


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