5 Exciting Point Loma Things To Do With the Entire Family



San Diego stands apart as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and the seaside community of Point Loma is a microcosm that makes the city so special.


Established as a permanent settlement in the 18th century, this community boasts some of the most scenic views and most beautiful that you’ll find anywhere. It’s also a seat of culture, blending historical and contemporary influences.


If your travels should take you to San Diego, you’ll find that there is no shortage of Point Loma things to do that will please the whole family.


5 Exciting Point Loma Things To Do With the Entire Family


Point Loma has attracted people from all over the world over the last few hundred years. Despite being a part of San Diego, it feels like it exists in its own little world.


In this world, you’ll find plenty to keep yourself and your family occupied. Just a few things to do include:


1. A Day in Cabrillo National Park


One of the biggest draws of Point Loma is its unspoiled natural beauty. And one of the best places to see it in all its splendor is Cabrillo National Park.


Named for Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who first discovered Point Loma in 1542, the views in the park still exist much as they did when he first arrived on the shores here.


One of the parks’ biggest selling points is the array of wildlife that can be found there. If you get lucky, you may even spot majestic grey whales off the coast.


2. A Visit to the San Diego Comic Art Gallery


Superheros and comic books seem more popular now than ever before, and as it happens, San Diego is home to one of the largest comic book scenes in the world.


Between San Diego Comic-Con and the slate of comic publishers who make their home in the city, San Diego has a rich history in the comics industry.


And you can appreciate this history in person at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery.


The multimedia exhibition highlights comic books, fantasy, science fiction, and similar art forms throughout history. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids.


3. Going on a San Diego Seal Tour


Famous though San Diego is for its marine life, that’s not the type of seal we’re talking about.


No “SEAL” stands for “sea and land”, and refers to a type of adventure tour that takes patrons out on amphibious land/sea vehicles. The unique tours allow you to experience Point Loma in a way that no other tour can, taking in the sights from dry land and from the harbor.


4. Touring the Old Point Loma Lighthouse


Cape Cod isn’t the stretch of shoreline to boast a few picturesque lighthouses.


Though located in the Cabrillo National Park, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse should be considered an attraction unto itself.


Seated upon the highest point in the park, the view alone makes it worth a visit. However, as one of the oldest buildings in Point Loma open to the public, the old lighthouse is a great place to take in some of the area’s history.


5. Taking in the Point Loma Tide Pools


Located not far from Cabrillo Park, the Point Loma Tide Pools are one of the most comprehensive sites of their kind in San Diego.


The rocky crags here host a unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity that you won’t find at an ordinary beach. This makes the tide pools not only a popular destination to surf and sunbathe, but also to explore a natural marine ecosystem up close.


Where Culture and Nature Meet


Point Loma is one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas in one of the greatest cities in the United States.


It is a place where any lover of nature, art, or culture will find themselves at home. And where their kids will find plenty of fun Point Loma things to do as well.


It’s such a lovely place that many visitors never want to leave. If, after your visit, you find yourself wanting to make this seaside retreat your home, check out our tips on how to find the top real estate agents in Point Loma.