Why San Diego is Consistently Ranked One of the Best Places to Live

San Diego coastline at night

Why San Diego is Consistently Ranked One of the Best Places to Live

recent study ranked San Diego as one of the top 5 best large cities to live in.


While cities like LA and Hollywood are usually the first locations non-Californians associate with the Golden State, natives know why so many inhabit the bustling seaside metropolis further south.


With its waterfront communities, eclectic shopping, and healthy eateries, it is hard to ignore the appeal of living in San Diego.


Here are some of our favorite elements:


1. Livability


In sunny San Diego, an abundance of rustic restaurants, specialty grocery stores, and classy shopping can fill your days with fulfilling activity.


Bargain markets, organic produce, and SoCal staples can all be found at a variety of chain and niche grocery stores throughout San Diego, leading to the health and satisfaction of its inhabitants.


Restaurants feature fresh seafood and locally-sourced ingredients from the abundantly fertile countryside. Breweries, fire-grilled pizza, and greenery-based diners are just a few of the local joints you will love. Coffee shops featuring craft espresso drinks and sweet and savory toasts can be found in every neighborhood.


Upscale malls like Fashion Valley boast department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s in a palm-tree shaded, open air setting.


Distinctive shops, galleries, and eateries in buildings with Victorian and Mexican architectural styles can be found along the sapphire horizon at the Waterfront Seaport Village.


And for movie theaters, chain retailers, and department stores, check out Westfield Horton Plaza.


2. Health


The excellent health of San Diego-dwellers can be attributed to their nutritious, homegrown diet, as well as their outdoor activity. In fact, 64% of the population lives within .5 miles of a park. The average inhabitant of San Diego has a life expectancy of 81.4 years.


Healthcare centers like Scripps La Jolla Hospital and UC San Diego-Jacobs Medical Center rank consistently in the top 10 nationally for adult specialties. Locals are proud to maintain a healthy, disease-free lifestyle.


3. Education


San Diego folks are well-educated, with 44.6% of the population with an advanced degree, and 99.7% of youth living within five miles of a public school.


Public schools in San Diego spend $11,790 per student. In addition, there are 510 private schools. The best schools have a supportive staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and a low student-teacher ratio.


4. Housing and Economy


The median household income in San Diego is $64,307. There is a business growth rate of 12.2%, and an unemployment rate of only 4.7%.


Home values in San Diego increased in 2018, and a new report found that San Diego is likely to become a buyer’s market by 2020.


Local communities build up around fine school systems, golf courses, and great spots to eat and drink.


Living in San Diego is California Life at Its Best


Great restaurants, upscale shopping, and a healthy lifestyle are just some of the things folks love about living in San Diego.


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