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The 4 Best Perks of Living In Point Loma

San Diego has a history of being one of the best cities in America. It’s got year-round, perfect weather. It’s got incredible coastlines. Tourists go crazy for it.

But it’s also a fabulous place to live. And Point Loma, San Diego’s peninsula and lighthouse town, is no exception. Keep reading to find out the 4 best perks of living in Point Loma, and maybe be inspired to visit… or move there!

The Weather

San Diego has been declared the most temperate climate in the entire United States. This is because the coastal breeze keeps the city from getting too hot, unlike other Southern California cities. Most days boast a temperature of 70 degrees, and it’s rarely humid. If the temperature gets higher in the summer, the ocean is right there for some relief.

It’s also spared from a lot of inclement weather, such as storms. And of course, it never snows.

Year-Round Resort Lifestyle

Of course, the beaches in San Diego are picture-perfect. But that’s not the only reason this city is a year-round resort destination. If you’re not a surfer or into kayaking, paddle boarding, or beach bumming, there’s still plenty to do.

The restaurants in Point Loma are for the true gourmand. There is a huge variety of top-notch, quality dining experiences in Point Loma and throughout San Diego. In fact, residents are able to try a new place on a weekly basis, and never get bored.

The overall nightlife in San Diego is popular. Dive bars, dance clubs, and laid back beach concerts are available year-round. The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is a famous region that resembles the Vegas nightlife, and Pacific Beach is loaded with beach bars catering to the younger crowd.

Family Friendly

Point Loma is famous for its Old Point lighthouse. There’s quite a lot for your family to do in Point Loma. But even if you have kids who aren’t too into history, there’s always the nearby San Diego Zoo. It offers year-round passes. You can always take your family to the museums in Balboa Park, or the Maritime Museum.

Nature hiking is a surprising benefit of living in Point Loma. With a plethora of scenic hiking trails, some with ocean views, there’s never an excuse to stay indoors.

And, San Diego is ranked as one of the safest cities in the US.

Cultural Standouts

San Diego isn’t just a pretty face. It sports some impressive cultural achievements and locations. It was rated the second most inventive city in the world, and was also selected as the only North American “smart city.” It’s also a great place to launch a start-up business.

Point Loma is close to some of the best educational institutions in the US, too. The University of California, San Diego, is ranked number 3 in public universities, and number 17 in the world. In total, there are over 80 educational and research institutes in the San Diego area. And if you like sports and other active lifestyle pursuits, San Diego is ranked the most patented for sports businesses in the US.

Come for a Visit, Stay Forever

You may find that you love the atmosphere and the rich history of Point Loma so much that you want to stay forever. If that’s you – you’re not alone! Point Loma has a lot to admire with it’s a great community, stunning views, good food, and friendly people.

You’ll probably find our lifestyle fits you like a glove. Want to learn more about living in Point Loma? Check out some of our available properties!

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