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An In-Depth Guide On Hiring A Luxury Realty Firm

All real estate is not created equal, and neither are all real estate agents and firms.

If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury home, you need to make sure the firm that represents you is experienced and connected within the marketplace.

This transaction should only be conducted with someone who specializes at this level.

What are the top traits to look for when hiring a luxury realty firm? Read on to find out.

Niche Marketing

Luxury home sales do not follow a run-of-the-mill checklist. Each home is unique, and the features that provide the luxury status can range from size, location, and amenities. A luxury home realtor understands what makes the home special and can capitalize on its individuality.

Many buyers of luxury homes look worldwide, and having a strong online reach is vital. Online marketing has the potential to show all aspects of the home.

Effective luxury real estate firms have a support team to take creative photos, shoot video, and even produce drone coverage. In some cases, a website is customized for the home to showcase its value and unique features.

Make sure the luxury realtor you hire has access to provide this type of marketing.

Expansive Network

Sometimes it really is about who you know.

Many sellers prefer not to publically market their home. All of the work is done discreetly by word of mouth and connections. Your agent should have those connections.

A successful luxury agent is immersed in the community and knows the heartbeat of the area. They have an established network to get the word out.

They also have established relationships with bankers and private lending institutions that can move the process along quickly and effortlessly.

If you are interested in the San Diego area, here are some tips to get the most out of your visit.

Willing to Co-List with Another Realty Firm

The luxury home community is a small percentage of an area, and often it takes a multi-agent approach to reach out to all potential buyers or sellers. Working well with other agents goes a long way in having a solid listing.

This market can be challenging, so to have double the expertise and networking can mean the difference in a successful transaction. Check that your agent is willing to co-list to give you better options.


It really all boils down to experience. The right luxury realty firm will have a proven track record for doing all the right things to move listings. They know the language and delicacies involved in matching up the right house to the perfect buyer.

They are familiar with the amenities that set a luxury home apart from the rest and know how to create an atmosphere and outcome that all parties deserve.

A key to knowing your agent is experienced is through their Global Elite Certificate. This ensures your agent is knowledgeable in building relationships and has the tools needed to succeed.

Your Lifestyle

This is the time in your life to enjoy a beautiful luxury home to suit your lifestyle.

Don’t trust this decision to just any realtor. You need an experienced luxury realty firm to guide you on this journey.

Whether you are buying or selling, let us bring you the expertise and quality that you deserve. Contact us today for a one of kind experience.

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