Exploring the Coast: How to Get the Most of Your Visit to Point Loma Beaches

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Exploring the Coast: How to Get the Most of Your Visit to Point Loma Beaches

If you and your family are visiting San Diego, you may want to make a side trip to visit Point Loma beaches.


With Point Loma’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and fascinating history, there’s plenty to do along the coastline. Here are some of our personal favorites!


Visit Point Loma Lighthouse


One of the stand-out features of Point Loma is its historic lighthouse.


Located on Ocean Beach, this squat, white landmark is now a museum. It commemorates the Point’s military purpose in the mid-19th century. It’s open every day of the year and welcomes visitors daily.


For families interested in San Diego’s history, check out this beautiful little lighthouse. Here, Ocean Beach also offers great surfing locations for any surf enthusiast.


Enjoy the View


Point Loma offers some of the most stunning views in Southern California. Walk along the coastline cliffs with your significant other and enjoy some sunsets. The town is rich in history. Looking out over Point Loma will almost take you back in time.


Visit Sunset Cliffs if you want to see a truly stunning beach at sunset.


Go to Osprey Point for Fishing


Point Loma offers some of the best fishing locations in the country. If you’re into competitive fishing, check out Osprey Point.


If you’re interested in a guided fishing excursion, check out Point Loma Sportfishing.


Check Out Cabrillo National Monument


Any Point Loma native is going to tell you to visit Cabrillo National Monument for gorgeous views of the point.


The Monument holds some of Southern California’s most fascinating historical markers. Their beaches are also full of tidepools that will captivate any visitor for hours on end.


Make sure you have a tide table on hand before you head to the monument. If you’re thinking about visiting the lighthouse you will be heading into the Monument already. So consider visiting the lighthouse and the beaches one day!


Don’t Miss Out on Point Loma Beaches


Point Loma beaches are some of the most beautiful in Southern California. If you and your kids enjoy exploring tide pools and watching beautiful sunsets, you’ll find hours of entertainment all along the Point.


For anyone interested in moving to this quaint, history-rich town, contact our professional realtors for information.


Point Loma is rich in history, community, and Southern California charm. We’re sure you’ll find new things to do every time you visit!