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BLOG: What Buyer Want #1

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What Home Buyers Really Want

Part 1: The Basics

When shopping for a home, almost every buyer is looking to get the most value for their dollar. But what are the specific criteria are they looking for when they begin shopping for a home?

In a competitive market like we have here in San Diego, and especially here on Point Loma, it is important to know which features are the ones that get homes sold, and which ones are going to put your home on the top of every buyer’s list thus leading to competing offers and more money when it is time to sell.

So what, exactly, do buyers want?

This week, we start with the basics.

Point Loma


This old adage is as true today as ever.

There are more home buyers than ever, especially here in San Diego and Point Loma, and that means that demand for all homes will go up. But the number is irrelivant if they all behave in the same manner, and they do.

The very first thing most buyers looks at is location, plain and simple. Some will start with a price point, but typically they will look at location first and then adjust it by their price point.

Homes in good areas, with access to good schools, especially those with views and close proximity to shopping and dining will always be the most desirable.

Curb Appeal


The front exterior of your home is the first thing any potential buyer sees whether they see it online or in person. If the home doesn’t LOOK inviting, no one is going to want to come inside to see the rest of the house.

Just as when meeting another person, first impressions are everything. Buyers are busy, often looking at 5-10 homes a day when they finally get a free weekend to do so. Very few take the time to drive to your home when there are others that have a more welcoming exterior appearance.

Your home doesn’t need to look like it belongs on the cover of “Better Homes and Gardens,” but the landscaping should be in order, a fresh coat of paint (or at least some touch-ups) goes a LONG way, and hiring someone with a power washer to clean the driveways and walkways is probably a good idea.

We will have more on this in Part 3 of this BLOG series.

Good Photos


Good photos sell homes.

Long gone are the days when a real estate agent could just snap a few photos with their cell phone and post them on the MLS.

Today’s buyers are much more sophisticated and will often pass up listings with sub par photos for ones with professional photos.

Better pictures attract more buyers which leads to more offers which leads to more money for your home.



The reality is that many homes could benefit from some staging for both the photos and showings.

Most homes are a very personal reflection of the current owners and this actually tends to work against the sellers. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in the space, and this is easier to do with more “neutral,” contemporary, and clean furniture that a Home Stager can supply.

If your home was professionally designed you can probably forgo this one, but if not, it is definitely something to consider. Prices are better than you would expect, the stager handles all the install and removal, and the increased traffic often helps the listing sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY.

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