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How NOT To Sell Your Home

We have now given you a fairly comprehensive list of what the average San Diego home buyer is looking for in a piece of real estate. But just as it important to know what you should do, it is just as important to know what mistakes you should not make. This week on the Point Loma Real Estate BLOG, we share our list of common pitfalls you should avoid making when selling your home.

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Going It Alone
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Mistake #1:

Going It Alone

Unless you a licensed real estate professional yourself, you should hire a Realtor when selling your home. Selling a home is monumental undertaking and there are simply too many details for one person to stay on top of especially considering most of us have a life outside of selling a home.

A Realtor will not only help you negotiate all the of legalize and mountains of paper work, but they will also provide guidance, support, and knowledge of the local market that others simply do not have.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself a TON of hassle, work, and heartache. Just hire a Realtor.

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Mistake #2:

Making The Wrong Upgrades

As we have advocated in previous posts, CERTAIN upgrades and quick fixes can help the value of your home immensely. But most things beyond this list are a waste of money, pure and simple. The return on investment simply too low, and there is no reason to be upgrading (and as a result further customizing) a home that you are trying to sell.

This is where working with a Realtor will help you immensely as they will be able to tell you which upgrades and repairs are worth it, and which will just drain your bank account without helping to get your home sold.

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Mistake #3:

Clutter and Personal Items

Your house is not going to sell if it is a messy and packed with a bunch of your personal items. It’s just that simple. The process of selling a home involves making it as neutral as possible so that buyers as are able to imagine themselves living in the space.

It’s great that you love the local sports team and have an entire room dedicated to their memorabilia, but what if that cash buyer coming to see your place is a fan of the rival team? Things like this can really make or break the sale of a home.

Do yourself a favor and take a few hours to clear the clutter and make the home a neutral as possible. As a final note NOT be present at showings. Again, buyers want to imagine themselves in the space and have the current owner hovering over their shoulder while they tour the home is never a good idea.

No Curb Appeal
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Mistake #4:

Neglecting Curb Appeal

Even if the interior of your home looks like it belongs in a magazine, it doesn’t matter if the exterior doesn’t entice buyers to come inside. Hire a gardener and take an afternoon to polish the exterior of your home, you will be amazed home many more buyers you get coming by.

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