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What Home Buyers Really Want

Part 4: Utility

While individual rooms and the kind of spaces that your home offers, today’s home buyers are also looking for very specific features, many of which were not even available only a few years ago.

This week we continue our series on “What Buyers Really Want” by discussing these newer “utility” features that buyers typically look look for when purchasing a home in San Diego.

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So what do buyers want?

Solar Panels


The cost of owing a home is higher that ever, and that is twice as true in a desirable market like we have here in Point Loma and San Diego.

Due to this high cost, potential home owners are looking to save money on their purchase in any way that they can, and a energy efficient home goes a long way to meeting this need. The fact that home saves money all by itself is a very attractive selling point, and one that helps to ease the high cost of buying a home here in San Diego.

To start, most home buyers all but expect energy efficient windows in a home. While not absolutely mandatory, these are VERY high on most home buyer’s “want” list. Energy efficient windows have a very high impact on a home’s heating and cooling costs, and they tend to pay for themselves very quickly and then may times over during their life span.

Water saving toilets and showerheads, energy effecient light bulbs like CFLs and LEDs, and a programable thermostat (more on that in a minute), and new weather striping are also very attractive and are easy upgrades that can make your home more desirable.

If you really want to make sure you are attracting the “green” crowd, ceiling fans and new insulation are also very desirable, though they admittedly come with a higher cost of installation if they are not already installed.



Another way home buyers are looking to save money is by purchasing a home that will have a low cost of maintenance. Unless it is their personal hobby, long gone are the days when people have all weekend to spend gardening their yards, scrubbing the kitchen, painting their house, or doing odd repairs around the house.

Today’s buyer’s are looking for something the can “set and forget,” thus freeing up more of their evenings and weekends for things they actually want to do.

To this end things like granite counter tops, hard woods flooring, and xeriscaping are all very much in demand right now. Granite counter tops and wood floors are extremely easy to maintain, and xeriscaping requires only light periodic maintenance.



As our lives become more high tech so do our homes. If you really want to “Wow” buyers, you should get your home equipped with the latest tech features. Having ga fast Wifi connection is something that can make or break a home for some buyers who need it either for entertainment or telecommuting purposes.

Also consider installing a smart thermostat like a Nest. This level of integration is very attractive to buyer since they can control and monitor their system remotely right from their smart phone.

If you REALLY want to take things to the cutting edge, you could have an electric car charger installed especially if you currently own one yourself. Having this feature already in place will DEFINITELY set your home apart from the pack.

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