The Point Loma Real Estate BLOG: Spring Home Care Tips

Point Loma Real Estate BLOG:
Spring Home Care Tips

Spring Homecare Tips

The days are getting longer, the rain is slowing down, and the wildflowers are blooming. Spring has returned to San Diego, and after the usually heavy rain we received this year, we native San Diegans can take stock of our home’s status.

With a little work now will make the coming summer that much more comfortable. Please enjoy our list of essential Spring Home Care Tips!!!

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Regard the Roof

We have mentioned it before in previous posts, but it bears repeating: Proper roof maintenance is absolutely essential to maintaining you home’s value and integrity

The cost of fixing a damaged roof can set you back tens of thousands of dollars, but that is pocket change when juxtaposed with the value of your entire home.

Grab the ladder and give the roof a thorough visual inspection. If you noticed anything even slightly off, call a roofer YESTERDAY to have it looked at.

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Go Over the Gutters

Rain gutters serve as a vital line of defense for you home. They channel the water away from you home preventing water from pooling around the base of the home and causing possible foundation issues.

While you are checking the roof, check the rain gutters as well. If they are in good shape, clean them out and then flush them with the garden hose to ensure they are fully functional. If not, consider calling a professional.

Now that the rainy season over, and the demand is less acute, it will be much easier to schedule a consultation and/or installation of new rain gutters. As it isn’t that much more expensive that the less secure (and attractive) plastic variety from Home Depot, consider having the aluminum seamless variety installed, possibly even with the debris guards like those in the picture above. They look better, work better, and they protect your home better.

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Check the Chimney

Winter rain can do a real number on your chimney, and simply using it to keep warm will eventually create a build up of suit and residue.

While inspecting the roof and rain gutters, be sure to also check the chimney for signs of visual wear or even leaning. Also, if you haven’t done it in a while (or ever), have a professional chimney sweep come out and give the inside a thorough cleaning and consider installing a new spark arestor. They are cheap, look great, and are one more line of defense for your home.

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Inspect the Concrete

The heavy rain this year could have caused damage you are not even aware of yet. Especially if your rain gutters weren’t functioning as intended there could be anything from cracks that are merely aesthetic to possible foundation damage.

Be sure to look over your concrete, patch what you can, and have a professional come out for any cracks in your foundation or walls.

Check your outside faucets and hose bibs as they can contribute to concrete damage if they are leaking.

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Service the A/C Unit

Beat the rush and have your A/C system checked out now.

Once the weather really starts to heat up, A/C contractors will be swamped with service calls and they make as long as a month to get out to you for an appointment. By getting yours serviced now, you will ensure that you can relax in the cool indoors this summer. Even if a repair is needed, better to get it done now rather than when it’s triple digits this summer.

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