Point Loma Real Estate BLOG: Top 5 Essential Home Staging Tips for 2017

Point Loma Real Estate BLOG:
Top 5 Essential Home Staging Tips for 2017

2017 is looking to be yet another great year for Real Estate here in Point Loma. If you would like to get the most money possible for YOUR home, it needs to appeal to as many buyers as possible. This year we will be be starting a new series of posts focused on staging your home correctly, and this week we start with our Top 5 Essential Home Staging Tips for 2017. These quick, simple fixes will go a LONG way to helping get your home SOLD.

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#1: Have a Professional Cleaning Done

This one should go without saying, but everyone’s houme collects dirt and grime over time, and even if you are meticulous AND religious about cleaning your home, having a professional come in for a “deep clean” before listing your home can have a huge impact on the number of viewing and offers your home receives. Professionals have access to cleaning supplies and techniques that the average homeowner doesn’t. They will get into every little nook and cranny and clean things you didn’t even think needed or were possible to even be cleaned; they also have the advantage of a fresh perspective on the home. When you clean your own home, wether you mean to or not, you can fall into a routine and miss things. Also, you get the added bonus of having a sparkling clean home without lifting a finger.

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#2: Curb Appeal

It won’t matter if you had one of THESE PEOPLE decorate the inside of your house if the outside looks neglected. A few quick essentials to spruce up your home’s exterior:

1) Have the exterior power-washed
2) Plant some new flowers
3) Re-seal exterior walkways
4) Clear off the patio (if applicable)
5) Have a professional gardener give your yard a once-over

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#3: Lighten Up

Creating a light, open feel is essential when selling your home. Wash the windows, change all burned out light bulbs, maybe even buy a new lamp. A well-lit home always shows better than a dark one.

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#4: Be Neutral

In order for new buyer’s to envision themselves living in your home, they need to be able to see themselves spending time in any room of the house. If one of your rooms is currently dominated by either a “masculine” or a “feminine” feel, tone it down a bit. You don’t need to completely redo the room, just bring them all closer to neutral so that any prospective buyers will have an easier time imagining themselves spending time in that particualr space. The more of the house that appeals to each of the buyers, the quicker the home will sell.

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#5: Fix Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are tricky. They can be either a boon or a curse depending on not only the condition of the fireplace, but also the individual buyer. Unless your home has a statement piece like the one in the picture above and has a room built around it, hedge your bets by simply making the fireplace as neutral as possilbe. Have it professionally cleaned, lose the brass screen in favor of something more modern, and decrease the mantle clutter where applicable.

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