I Scream – You Scream: Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in San Diego

best ice cream in san diego

I Scream – You Scream: Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in San Diego

Taking a trip to San Diego, or moving? We don’t blame you. It’s one of the best places to live in the US.


Look for some delicious homemade ice cream while you’re there. The city is full of places to get ice cream. With endless options, how do you separate the mediocre from the knock-your-socks-off?


We can help with that! Read on for the 5 places to get the best ice cream in San Diego, plus some bonus suggestions.


1. Hammond’s Point Loma


The biggest problem when you go for ice cream at a place like this is that you can’t decide what you want. Yes, free samples help, but when they’re all delicious, the best choice is to get a flight of mini ice cream cones. Hammond’s is famous for them.


The Point Loma store has more seating than its other stores. Take a break from surfing for the delicious ice cream creations.


2. Salt and Straw


The treats here are Instagrammable. Originating in Portland, Oregon, this gem now has locations all along the west coast. Visit the Little Italy or Del Mar locations to find unique flavors such as Honey Lavender or Peanut Butter Stout! Don’t be surprised if there is a bit of a line. We recommend you visit before 6 pm to beat the after dinner rush.


If you’re at the Little Italy store, make sure to check out the Maritime Museum while you’re strolling around (worth every bit, we assure you).


3. Cauldron Ice Cream


Check out the homemade Puffle Cones and flower-shaped ice cream scoops at Cauldron Ice Cream. It’s frozen with liquid nitrogen while you wait, so it’s fresh every time.


Vegan options are available, and they have new flavors every month. Everything’s made with all natural ingredients.


4. Freeze San Diego


For a unique ice cream experience, try Freeze San Diego where you can get Black Magic ice cream (charcoal butterscotch with butterscotch dust on top). Yes, it’s actually black.


Or order a different flavor, like Dragon’s Breath. The cereal puffs make you breathe smoke (they’re infused with nitrogen). Don’t worry, there are more normal flavors for the less adventurous palates.


For more artisan ice cream, try The Baked Bear. They’re famous for their ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies.


5. An’s Dry Cleaning


Yep – you heard that right!


An’s Dry Cleaning has European ice cream, and each flavor gets its name from fabric. Every bit of small-batch gelato is delicious.


Wondering where the funny name comes from?


The owners believe that some things aren’t better when they are changed and updated, so they kept the original name of the shop in the beautiful historical building (built in 1934).


If ice cream isn’t your favorite, try the coffee at Gelato Vero Caffe and Pappalecco instead. They have fantastic ice cream for your friends, and the coffee is amazing.


Best Summer Treat


We’re certain that you’ll find the best ice cream in San Diego when you check out these places. Whether you’re sampling Dragon’s Breath and Black Magic at Freeze San Diego, or going for something more European at An’s, it’s worth the trek.


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