6 Point Loma Coffee Shops You Have to Check Out

point loma coffee shops

6 Point Loma Coffee Shops You Have to Check Out

Point Loma is known as the place “where California began”, so it should come as no surprise that there are some well-established places to get your coffee buzz (a favorite California past time!)


Among the countless amenities and hip hangouts in this cozy enclave, you’ll find some of the very best coffee houses on the entire West Coast.


If you’re looking to enjoy better coffee, here is why Point Loma coffee shops are the very best places to do so.


Better Buzz Coffee


Better Buzz Coffee is so much more than just a coffee shop to locals – it’s a way of life. This award-winning coffee company has several locations across San Diego, but its flagship in Point Loma is the fan-favorite.


The gargantuan warehouse-style space is a magnet for co-workers and is complete with all of the exposed brickwork and metal piping you could ever want. This place is an institution that is adored by locals.


Point Loma Coffee


For something a little more humble, make sure to hit up Point Loma Coffee for serious caffeine injection.


This place is an integral part of the Point Loma community and prides itself on using only local roasters from the San Diego area.


The coffee is cheaper than the popular coffee chains and excellent in taste. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab a delicious fresh-baked treat!


Moniker General


If you ask a local “what are the best coffee shops near me?”, this is the first place they’ll send you to. People come here for the famous Chai Lattes. When you try one, you’ll understand why after one taste of this heavenly beverage.


Moniker General is most definitely home to the Saturday brunch crowd, who you can find lounging on the outdoor patio alongside mountains of avocado toast on any given weekend.


Jennings House Cafe


Jennings is part coffee house cafe, part restaurant, part bar, and part home-away-from-home. This cozy little establishment has been running without fail since 1886, making it one of the oldest surviving businesses in the area.


The coffee is unforgettable and is best accompanied with one of their comforting all-American breakfast dishes, such as their crumbly biscuits or fluffy French toast.


Stick around long enough and you’ll see this local legend turn into one of the busiest bars in town.




Sure the coffee in Azucar is second-to-none, but the main attraction here really is the cake selection.


They have master bakers dreaming up all kinds of dreaming concoctions in the kitchen, with their adorable (and calorific) cupcakes drawing legions of fans from across the country.


Going to Azucar and not trying a cupcake is like going to San Deigo and not hitting up the beach. It just isn’t right.


The Nest


Anyone stepping into The Nest for the first time will feel like they’ve stepped into another country – specifically, a minimalist Scandinavian wonderland where everything is Hygge and nothing can go wrong.


Once you’ve taken in the blissful interiors, you’ll soon realize you’ll never need to Google “best coffee near me” ever again. The baristas here mean business and will stop at nothing to ensure you get your coffee exactly the way you need it. It doesn’t get much better than that!


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