5 Unusual Things You Need to Know About San Diego

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5 Unusual Things You Need to Know About San Diego

San Diego is home to rich history, gorgeous real estate, and some of the best coffee shops around.


But it also comes with some unusual quirks. Sure, you may know the basics of San Diego. But do you know the whole story?


Here are five unusual things about San Diego that you may not know.


1. We Have Some Strange Laws


When people think of sunny San Diego, they think of our gorgeous beaches or miles of hiking trails. Chances are they don’t know about some of our stranger local laws.


For instance, it’s illegal to shoot a rabbit out of the back of a moving vehicle. To take it a step further, the law prohibits more than firearms. In accordance with section 354 of California’s hunting laws, the use of a bow and arrow while in a vehicle is outlawed, too, save for a few exceptions.


Believe it or not, it gets stranger. Before you head out for a night on the town, make sure your heels aren’t more than two inches tall.


2. A Unique Taco Shop


San Diego is host to some truly fantastic Mexican cuisine. But few restaurants have the atmosphere of Lucha Libre Taco Shop.


As the name suggests, this is a taco shop dedicated entirely to Mexican professional wrestling, making it a must-visit for any pro wrestling fans. Both San Diego locations feature authentic masks and art based on some of the world’s most renowned Lucha Libre wrestlers.


Even if the aesthetic isn’t your thing, the food is fantastic. Be sure to try the queso and surf & turf tacos.


3. San Diego Has Some Serious Star Power


Want to live like the stars? Then San Diego may be the place for you.


The area is home to numerous celebrities including actress Cameron Diaz, television host Nick Cannon, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, and pop-punk icons Blink-182.


By moving to the area, you may just run into your favorite celeb.


4. Tony Hawk Has His Own Holiday Here


The world of skateboarding wouldn’t be as exciting as it is without The Birdman. We here in San Diego recognize that and decided to give Tony Hawk his very own holiday.


The holiday occurs on May 29th and makes for a great excuse to visit one of the city’s many skateparks. Or if you’d rather spend a day at the beach, visit one of the area’s best surf spots.


5. We Value Farmers


Next time you’re enjoying a delicious piece of fresh produce, you may have San Diego to thank. San Diego County is home to almost 7,000 farms – the most of any county in the entire United States.


Be sure to visit a local farmer’s market and experience delicious San Diego produce for yourself.


Unusual Things to Know About San Diego


As you can tell from these unusual facts about San Diego, San Diego is a fun, vibrant area filled with diverse groups of people from all walks of life. But that’s what makes the area such a joy to live in.


In fact, we think you’ll love it so much you may want to stay for good. Contact us today to learn more about great properties in the area.